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Creating solutions to empower growth, health and performance through the development of brands that support infinite dimensions of impact.

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Our Mission & Values

Our values are based on a never-ending pursuit to question the status quo. Integrity, empowerment and positive contribution for all.  To explore endless opportunities, expand potential and help our clients achieve contagious personal growth and business success.



FCG is a dynamic consultancy of innovation of brands through leadership, health, personal development, coaching and niche marketing consulting to disrupt, innovate and deliver global concepts of performance, reach and impact.

 We build, rebuild, empower individuals and teams to reach their potential. Igniting inspiration with strategies to increase productivity, engagement and fuel a new energized corporate culture.

Making A Lasting Impact

Unlocking Human Potential

Cultivate Growth & Innovation

Self Leadership & Accelerate Change

Most importantly

Giving Back

To make the greatest impact, is to give back to communities and projects that deserve support, acknowledgement and respect. Our mission, to impact 10 million lives, may not be the biggest goal. However, it serves and drives our vision to contribute in ways that leave a positive ripple effect in less advantaged communities and social responsibility. The projects we serve include children, abused women, huma trafficking, metal and physical disadvantaged youth, the elderly as well as those affected by crisis.

Fitcorp Consulting Group

Establishing brands and services across leadership, corporate training employee engagement, human resource consulting, peak performance coaching, physiotherapy and rehabilitation, health coaching, masterminds, personal development, diabetes reversal, health and corporate retreats, ecommerce, content creation, marketing, business development, lead generation and education.

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